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Forced changes in the way you walk can affect your mobility and independence, stop you from participating in your favorite activities, and put you at risk of injuries from falling. At Liberty Rehabilitation & Wellness in Garden City, New York, board-certified physical therapist Dr. Josh Lee provides gait training to help you restore your ability to walk after an injury or degenerative condition. If you’ve experienced an injury or illness that has affected your ability to walk, call or book an appointment online today.

Gait Training Q & A

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What is gait training?

Gait training is a form of physical therapy that focuses on improving your ability to walk and stand. If you’re having trouble getting around because of an injury or illness, gait training can help you move more independently.

This type of therapy also helps you maintain your overall health by allowing you to continue being physically active. Gait training focuses on your balance, your posture, and your endurance.

Combined, the exercises that make up gait training retrain your legs to handle the repetitive motions of walking and to support the rest of your body.

What conditions can affect my gait?

Gait training can help improve your mobility if you’ve experienced a change in your ability to walk. Dr. Lee provides gait training for losses in mobility from conditions including:

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Amputations

You may also benefit from gait training if you’re recovering from an injury such as a broken leg or a joint sprain.

What is involved in gait training?

First, Dr. Lee diagnoses your gait issues through a physical exam and discussion of your symptoms. He may ask when you first noticed a change in the way you walk and whether walking causes you pain, and he addresses any health changes that may be contributing. He also observes the way you walk and tests your balance to see if you need help avoiding falls.

The first stage of gait training, called pre-gait training, focuses on rebuilding the strength in your legs to help you stay balanced and prevent falls.

When you’re ready, you’ll start to work toward walking normally again. This may involve walking on a treadmill while wearing a harness. As you progress, you’ll typically practice simple activities like stepping over objects and getting up from a chair, which will help with your balance and posture.

Dr. Lee remains by your side during gait training to ensure you stay safe, and he designs your training to fit your diagnosis, abilities, and needs. As you progress, he may gradually upgrade your training.

In addition to exercises, Dr. Lee may fit you for a brace or other orthotic device to provide support while you walk. He may also recommend a cane or a walker to help you maintain your balance.

For help becoming mobile again, call Liberty Rehabilitation & Wellness or book an appointment online.