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One of the scariest parts of getting surgery is the uncertainty of your recovery and not knowing how it will disrupt your life. At Liberty Rehabilitation & Wellness in Garden City, New York, board-certified physical therapist Dr. Josh Lee offers specialized care before and after surgery to help you prepare for your procedure and to promote your recovery afterwards. To learn more about how physical therapy can benefit you at every stage of the surgery process, call or book an appointment online today.

Pre-& Post-Surgical Care Q & A

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What is the purpose of pre-surgical physical therapy?

Pre-surgical physical therapy, sometimes called “prehabilitation,” can help you prepare for life after your surgery, leading to a faster recovery and a quicker, smoother journey through rehabilitation. Dr. Lee equips you with an understanding of what to expect following your surgery and formulates a plan to help you resume your everyday activities as soon as possible.

Pre-surgical physical therapy typically involves:

  • An introduction to the exercises you’ll follow as part of your post-surgery care
  • Training with any assistive devices you may need for mobility
  • Muscle-strengthening exercises to help your body better handle the surgery
  • Education about what you can expect from your surgery

Dr. Lee understands that surgery can be frightening and that you’ll have challenges ahead, so he provides you with the opportunity to physically and mentally adjust to your rehabilitation routine before your surgery even takes place.

When should pre-surgical physical therapy start?

Pre-surgical physical therapy should begin at least six weeks before your surgery, and it can last as long as three months, depending on your condition. However, if you learn that you will need surgery less than six weeks in advance, you will still benefit from any prehabilitation you can work in.

What is the purpose of post-surgical physical therapy?

Post-surgical physical therapy helps you recover your strength and range of motion after your surgery and helps get you back to your previous activity level as soon as possible. Your post-surgical physical therapy can start just a few hours after your surgery, or a few days later, and it’s designed to build on the work you did with Dr. Lee before your surgery.

Beginning physical therapy as soon as possible after surgery can help you manage any remaining pain or discomfort, halt the formation of scar tissue, and prevent further injuries.

During the process, Dr. Lee gently guides you through your post-surgery exercise plan and retrains your body to perform everyday tasks so you can regain your independence as quickly as possible. He makes sure that you’re comfortable at every stage of the process and that you’re constantly progressing toward your personal recovery goals.

For help preparing for and recovering from surgery, call Liberty Rehabilitation & Wellness or book an appointment online.